Deposit Policy

Upon booking we require a £50.00 non-refundable deposit per booking; no booking is confirmed and a run will not be allocated to your cat(s) until received.
Should you need to cancel your booking, as stated above, the deposit is non-refundable therefore we do not charge a cancellation fee. 


Our Prices

Single Room
(1 Cat) - £16.00 per day

Double Room

(2 Cats Sharing) - £28.00 per day

Family Room 

(3 Cats Sharing) - £36.50 per day

We have a minimum
charge of 3 days.


Over Easter and Christmas our prices go up by £1.00 a day per cat with a minimum
charge of 7 days.

(e.g 1 Cat - £17.00 per day
2 Cats Sharing - £30.00 per day)

We trust that you will appreciate that the strict rules outlined

below are enforced to safeguard the health of all cats boarded:

  • Only cats from the same home may share accommodation.

  • We accept cats for any length stay but be aware of our 3 day minimum charge.

  • Only neutered Toms will be accepted.

  • Special rates apply at Christmas and Easter with a minimum charge being 7 days.

  • A full day's board is charged for the days of arrival and departure. This allows you to chose times to suit you within our opening hours.

  • A non-refundable deposit of £50.00 is required to secure your booking. The remaining balance is payable on collection.

  • In the event of owners collecting their cat before the end of the booked period, the full charge will be made.

  • Cats must be carried in a carrier or basket until released into their accommodation supervised by a member of staff. Do not carry cats in arms or by using harnesses.

Health and Safety

  • No cat suffering from or suspected of suffering from any infectious or contagious disease will be accepted.

  • We reserve the right to refuse admission to cats showing any signs of ill-health pending advice from a Veterinary Surgeon.

  • All cats must have current certificates showing they have been vaccinated against Feline Infectious Enteritis and Cat Flu.

  • Annual booster injections must have been given on time or your cat will be refused entry. Customers are reminded if your cats annual boosters have expired by more than 3 months then a new course is required.

  • No booking is accepted without production of the certificates.
    Due to Data Protection we cannot contact Veterinary practices for Vaccination confirmation, you MUST bring your cat(s) card with you.

    Treat this as their passport and they will not gain entry without presenting it.

  • Our vaccination policy and procedure follows that recommended by Hart District Council.