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Our Cattery


Our cattery is housed within purpose built, fully enclosed brick buildings, with central courtyards. These buildings are the very latest thinking in cattery design. They ensure total security together with the essential air movement needed to minimise the risk of infection.

We have 95 fully heated/air-conditioned
penthouse rooms which are of

an ultra-modern design and

look out onto large landscaped

central courtyards.

These provide a natural feature

of permanent interest to our guests. 

Courtyard A.jpg
Courtyard B.jpg

Care and Attention

The happiness and health
of your cat is of paramount
importance to us.
Our staff regularly check
every guest to make sure
that they are content and

The open, courtyard design of
our cattery means that our guests
are aware of other cats and can
communicate with each other in
total safety without any physical contact.




All cats are fed as individual guests with a normal varied diet. If your cat requires a special diet then we require this to be brought in when you bring your cat to us. There is no extra charge for this service.

Regular daily meal-times are strictly adhered to.

Adult cats are fed twice a day, kittens and older cats according to their special needs.

Health and Safety

With cats being the cleanest and most fastidious of pets, we assist them by providing meticulous attention to the daily cleaning of their temporary homes. All surfaces and equipment are of impervious materials, allowing the maximum standards of hygiene to be maintained.

Each cat is an individual and we treat them as such. We try to make their stay with us as pleasant as possible.

The Cattery being adjacent to the owners' residence means that it is under close surveillance at all times.

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