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Cattery Tour

Come on a virtual walk with us around our Cattery
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Single Rooms


Double Rooms


Q: What do we need to bring?
A: We will provide everything that your cat(s) need during their stay with us, but please feel welcome to bring any home comforts, such as a blanket, toys etc for them as something familiar from home is always lovely! We also provide a range of food, but if your cat is on a specific diet please bring this with you for them so we don't upset their tummies! Most importantly please bring their vaccination card!

Q: Do they come out of their rooms?
A: They do not come out of their rooms for their health and safety, but they have more than enough space for the exercise they'll need and be able to play (especially for those active kittens!)  

Q: Are the cats outside / Can the cats go outside?
A: We are a completely enclosed, indoor Cattery. The cats do not have access to outside and cannot get out at all. We are fully ventilated so have a lovely flow of fresh air for them as well as heating in the colder months / Air conditioning in the hotter months.   

Q: Will my cat be with / be aware of the other cats in the Cattery?
A: Only cats from the same household will ever share a room! Don't worry, they don't mix together, they all have their own individual rooms! 
The cats will be aware of each other from afar but most of our guests aren't bothered in the slightest! 

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